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Better landing pages

Launchkit is the simplest way to build your next landing page.


Launchkit is a neat, feature-rich landing page theme designed to showcase your product or service in style.

With multiple options for all sections – Launchkit has the right stuff for your next landing page.


Unique, Engaging Style

Launchkit has a bright, flexible persona that can be adapted to suit almost any use. Use Launchkit to sell or create a simple business website.

Built for mobile and up

Tested comprehensively on a number of mobile devices, Launchkit is well prepared to impress your mobile audience.

Visual Composer included

Themeforest’s most popular page builder just keeps getting better, Smart controls and font options give you complete control.

Build a landing page
in a matter of minutes.

Launchkit ships with over 50 uniquely designed content blocks ready to be fitted out with your copy and images. Get a head-start with one of the included page demos or start experimenting with your own layouts in Variant.

Visual Composer
makes editing a breeze.

With over 50 content blocks to choose from, the perfect layout is now even easier to achieve. Make visual adjustments on-the-fly to establish a unique look for your website with minimal effort.

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Build better landing pages

Start today with a free 30 day trial – No credit card required.

Buy Launchkit

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Build smart, effective landing pages in minutes.

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Simple plans – No fuss.

[launchkit_pricing_table button_url=»#» currency=»$» amount=»19″ detail=»/mo» title=»Riding Solo» icon=»icon-man-people-streamline-user» layout=»large» feature=»no»]Simple Option
Perfect for Freelancers[/launchkit_pricing_table]
[launchkit_pricing_table button_url=»#» currency=»$» amount=»49″ detail=»/mo» title=»Team Effort» icon=»icon-notebook-streamline» layout=»large» feature=»active»]Simple Option
Perfect for Freelancers[/launchkit_pricing_table]
[launchkit_pricing_table button_url=»#» currency=»$» amount=»79″ detail=»/mo» title=»Big Business» icon=»icon-home-house-streamline» layout=»large» feature=»no»]Simple Option
Perfect for Freelancers[/launchkit_pricing_table]
[launchkit_pricing_table button_url=»#» currency=»$» amount=»99″ detail=»/mo» title=»Megacorp» icon=»icon-factory-lift-streamline-warehouse» layout=»large» feature=»no»]Simple Option
Perfect for Freelancers[/launchkit_pricing_table]

Need additional pricing info? Get in touch for custom and high-volume pricing.

Build a landing
page in minutes.

“Purchasing Launchkit was the easiest decision I’ve ever had to make. The sheer flexibility of the builder was what sold it for me.”

— James Hillier, Medium Rare

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    You’re in good company

    Join thousands of satisfied customers using Launchkit globally.

    Buy Launchkit

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    That’s not all…

    [launchkit_icon icon=»icon-browser-empty»]

    Intuitive page builder

    [/launchkit_icon][launchkit_icon icon=»icon-design-pencil-rule-streamline» layout=»small»]

    Flexible Design


    [launchkit_icon icon=»icon-arrow-streamline-target» layout=»small»]

    Built for conversions

    [/launchkit_icon][launchkit_icon icon=»icon-picture» layout=»small»]

    Unique Elements


    [launchkit_icon icon=»icon-book-dowload-streamline» layout=»small»]

    Thorough Documentation

    [/launchkit_icon][launchkit_icon icon=»icon-map-streamline-user» layout=»small»]

    Support forum access


    [launchkit_icon icon=»icon-bubble-love-streamline-talk» layout=»small»]

    Elite author item

    [/launchkit_icon][launchkit_icon icon=»icon-paint-bucket-streamline» layout=»small»]

    Simple Customisation


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